Wine and Food

Before we dig into the complicated world of all the different wine flavors, aromas, and other memorizable facts, let’s look at which characteristics you will want to identify in each wine in order to guess (yes, guess) at whether or not a wine and food pairing  will complement or sabotage a particular food taste, or more commonly, will sabotage or enhance the wine for your palate.

In the best of hands, wine/food pairing without tasting both together
is at best a guess and only works 2/3’s of the time.

Taste, sip, taste, sip, taste…

To keep things simple, you want to match the wine weight (light, medium, full-body) with the weight of the food, and match the acidity level (low, medium, high) of the wine with the acidity level of the food (savory, slightly acidic, acidic). Of the two factors, weight and acidity, acidity is the most important. If you can learn the acidity levels of various grapes and the weights of the wines made by those grapes, guessing at the body and acidity level of the food from the ingredients stated will usually work out to identify which wines will taste best with which food.

Acidity and Body Levels of Different Wines

Hot Peppers and Wine